Hello and sorry for the luck of updates, due to work taking a great portion of my time everyday the progress on the Remote Development is a little bit slower however I am already working on some new things for the next update.

First of all the new version will have a reworked the now playing list you can see a demonstration to the following video:

MusicBee Remote in action

Also on the new version the playlist functionality will be more forgiving to missing tags, and it will send more than 500 tracks.

I am also working on notification on the status similar to the one in Apollo player of CyanogenMod.

After finishing with this version I will start working on the library integration part so I would like you to send suggestions on how would you like this feature to work. This along with a proper tablet version will be probably the next features I will focus.

Feel free to e-mail me with suggestions or reply to the related Topic on MusicBee forums.

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