About MusicBee Remote

What is MusicBee Remote

MusicBee Remote is a remote control application for Android, designed to provide remote control functionality to the MusicBee player by using your Android device.

It uses a client-server architectures based on TCP sockets, with the MusicBee plugin acting as a server, and the android application acting as a a client.

The application requires at least Android 4.1 in order to function and MusicBee v3.0.0 along with a working network connection. Though it could possibly be configured to work over Cellular Data a WiFi connection is actually preferred.

Basic Features (v1.0.x)

  • Basic track information display (artist, title, album, year of release and artwork).
  • Basic player control. (play, pause, stop, next, previous, volume change, mute, shuffle, repeat)
  • Last.fm account scrobbling on/off.
  • Playback progress display and control.
  • Lyrics support.
  • Now playing list display, along with the ability to choose a track to play, reorder or remove tracks.
  • Library browsing & search support
  • Basic Playlist support
  • Option to reduce the volume, pause or stop playback on incoming call.
  • Volume control using the hardware buttons.

For more information on the technologies and libraries used you can check the projects GitHub. Plugin and Application

Development & Support

The application is a solo project. Despite a few contributions by friends on the graphics front, the development of both the plugin and application is all done by one person.

Behind everything, support, bug fixing, social media presence there is a single person. I try to answer your requests but some times it might take a while so please be patient.

This project is something that happens on my free time. This means that even if I love adding features and improving the application, real life obligations along with work obligations are always prioritized.


Konstantinos Paparas Is responsible for the programming of the application and plugin along with a part of the design and graphics.

Jordan Georgiadis Is responsible for the concept and the creation of the application logo.

Anastasios Papazoglou Chalikias Is responsible for the graphics and layout for the version 0.2.3.x and the refinement of the application

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