Hi there,

First of all it seems like the false positive with Windows Defender was resolved after the dispute to the Malware Protection Center.

There is a bug fix/minor enhancement update (v1.1.0) coming. I don’t have a clear ETA but I hope to have it ready in the next couple of weeks.

This update resolves some known issues like the “No results” when when accessing compilation Artists. I am not sure if I will start a staged rollout on production channel or if I will deploy it for a while on the beta channel in order to gather feedback.

There are also a couple of issues on the plugin side, regard the favorite button not updating and the rating not working properly on a non English locale.

You can see the progress of the v1.1.0 on GitHub.

After this I will work on v1.2.0 GitHub the features are almost closed for that update. After getting teh v1.2.0 update released, there will be only bug fixes for v1.x and the development for v2.0.0 will start.

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